16 DIY Living Room End Table ideas

End tables boost the practicality of a living room. They are also great to introduce bits of style here and there. There are many types of end tables you can build for your living room. Some popular styles these days are rustic, mid-century, minimalist, farmhouse, and industrial. So, here are some DIY living room end table ideas for your living space.

A Storage Basket End Table

Sometimes we have some extra cushions or throw blankets in the living room that have no other place. So, instead of putting them on the couch, create an end table with storage. You don’t need to have woodworking skills to do so. Just top a laundry hamper basket with a round tabletop. Use metal fasteners to fix the tabletop on the basket. Alternatively, if the storage basket has handles, make slits in the wood top, and they will keep it from falling off.


A Farmhouse Crate End Table

If you love farmhouse style, then add a hint of your favorite decor theme to your living room. Here is a design inspiration. Create this table with wood and add metal strips to form an X that we see in most farmhouse style furniture pieces these days. You can use a wooden crate too for this project. Though, if you make it from scratch, it is for sure to last many years. Source

An Industrial Style Side Table

Building furniture with metal pipes is all the rage these days. This table built for about $300 is a knock off of a table that costs $700. The design includes wood IKEA butcher block countertop boards supported with metal pipes and floor flanges. Source

A DIY C-Table

This table’s design is ideal for small living rooms. To make this table, you have to make a C shaped frame with wood. The mirrored look gives this end table an edge over the ones in stores. You can use a simple hack to do the mirrored detailing by using crafting tape. This table can easily wrap around a sofa. 

Here is the detailed tutorial of this table.


Tree Stump End Table

If you like rustic decor, then find a tree stump from a lumber yard and bring it home. Sand and dust it. Apply varnish and turn it into a statement end table in your living space. If you are willing to put in some extra effort, you can cut a cubby inside of the stump.

A West Elm Inspired Chunky Three-Tiered Table

If you want something in your living room that looks high-end, then try this project. This table is all made of wood. An interesting thing about the design is, the panels of wood appear to be wrapping a metal box. The secret to this is some metallic contact paper.

Know more about this beauty here.


A Faux Marble Side Table

You have to create the frame of this table with lumber boards. For the top of the table, either cut some wood or buy a pre made tabletop. Before putting the table together, cover the tabletop in marble contact paper. Your living room will have a hint of luxury with marble that will cost you far less than a real slab cut into a disc. Source

A Minimalist Rustic Modern Side Table

To start, you have to cut a wood board. This board will go as a baseboard for lumber planks to form a chevron pattern. Then create a frame of the chevron board to give it an appearance of a tray. Apply wood stain on the tray. Attach U shaped metal legs to the tray and voila!

Find out more details about this table in this video


A Hairpin Leg Table

First, you have to create a crate of lumber boards that is open at both sides. Apply wood stain and wood sealer to this box shelf. Finally, fix hairpin legs, and your table is ready to accompany your sofa. 

If you are interested in knowing further about this table, you might like to watch this video


A DIY Waterfall End Table

This table is made to be compact in design, involves the use of a lot of power tools. So, if you regularly try woodworking projects, you can give this one a whirl. It has a sleek minimalist design with a storage shelf perfect for holding a magazine or remote controls.

Watch the detailed tutorial in this video


A Mid Century Modern Side Table

Assembling this table is super easy. You can do it easily over any weekend without involving any tedious woodworking. And guess what? You can make it for just under 50 bucks. Apply stain and sealer to a wooden tabletop of a suitable size. Then fasten three hairpin legs at the underside of the wooden disc with necessary hardware. Keep in mind to choose a tabletop that can be stained.


A Recycled Vintage Mik Can Side Table

Relive the days when you would visit your grandma’s farm with a vintage milk can side table. You can easily find one in any flea market. Refresh the surface of the milk can with a coat of spray paint meant for metal. For the tabletop, you can use a ready made tabletop. Alternatively, you can also put a tray on top of the can.

A Copper End Table – An IKEA Hack

The method to create this small side table is pretty simple. Get a melamine tray from IKEA and turn it copper or any other metallic color with spray paint. Put it over a camping stool that too you can find at IKEA. If you are really into metallic accents, then you can paint the camping stool too.

DIY Brass Side Tables

These tables look fabulous and high-end. But the secret to their beauty is simple. These tables have laser-cut aluminum sheets that you can easily find anywhere in any design. You have to make cylinders of decorative aluminum screens. Coat them in brass spray paint. Then fix wood rounds on top of them.

A Mid-Century Modern End Table with Hidden Storage

A look at this table might make you think it must be difficult to create. But it’s really easy and simple to create. First, take a wide cake pan and give it a coat of paint with a spray can. Then drill holes and fix tapered legs to the cake pan. Next comes the wood tabletop. Stain the wood round and use it as a lid for the tray side table.

A DIY Rope End Table

A rope end table will instantly evoke nautical style in your mind. It is also a great way to add some texture to your living room. To make a rope end table, you have to cut a concrete forming tube to the desired table height. Then cut a disc from a foam core board for the tabletop. The diameter of the foam board should be enough to cover the opening of the concrete forming tube. Use a heavy adhesive to put the disc on the tube. Then use a hot glue gun to wrap a rope around the table.

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