Do you want to create the home that you always wanted? You really don’t have to spend your money on expensive furniture and finishes or pay costly interior design fees. If you are creative and feel like you want to start on your own remodeling project, then feel free to do it. All you need are some helpful ideas and tips. Keep in mind that even beginners with no experience in home improvements will be able to do it. Don’t miss the amazing remodeling ideas that we want to share with you!

Paint the ceramic tiles

Do the old tiles look boring and dull? Don’t worry, as you can always update them in a very simple way. And no, this doesn’t mean that you should remove the old tiles and replace them with new ones. This simple beginner-friendly remodeling project is all about painting those ceramic floor tiles. All you need to do to start this project is to find a good floor paint. Pick a neutral color that will fit perfectly into the color scheme of the space. You can do this in the bathroom, kitchen, or any other space. Use special floor paint to cover the old tiles. You can cover them completely, including the grout for a uniform and clean look. Or, you can also tape the grout if you want to keep it there. These bathroom floor tiles were completely painted with a nice cream color.

Decorate the tub with faux stones

If you are dreaming of having a spa bathroom, you can start with this simple and inexpensive project. For this remodeling, you can use decorative airstones that you can purchase online. It is an authentic replica of a stone that looks very natural but is very lightweight at the same time. The application process is simple, and even a beginner can do it. You should check some faux stone panels that will suit your style.
Don’t you love how the faux stone hides the ugly tub? On the other hand, they bring a dose of rough unfinished texture. You can complement the natural look with a woven rug. Add a few scented candles for a finishing touch, and your own spa bathroom is ready.



Faux exposed brick wall

Many of you are probably impressed with the beauty of exposed brick walls. There is something special about the charm and rustic appearance that they bring into space. But, this can be quite an expensive project. And not every resident building is suitable for this kind of intervention. Instead, opt for a cheap and beginner-friendly option: the faux exposed brick wall. You can use panels or wallpaper to achieve the desired look. These faux brick panels have an authentic texture and look like the real thing.  

Consider the options for adding a faux brick wall in your home. You can create a statement wall in the living room. For additional charm, feel free to hang artwork. Also, explore other possibilities. That awkward and dull wall can now get a complete update. 


Dress up the dresser

If you think that you have had enough of that old dresser, this idea will make you think twice. Crafty people are using adhesive wallpaper to revive their old furniture. And you will really love the way this simple and cheap dresser is updated to look like an expensive one. Pick a bold pattern that corresponds to your room’s color scheme. You can also change the pulls for a fresh look. 


Creative room divider

Do you want to have your home office, but don’t have enough space? Or, you want to divide the kitchen from the living room? Others might want to create a hallway. Whatever your choice is, you can separate the space using creative room dividers. 

This is a great example of how to create a home office. The shelves will divide it from the rest of the home, while they will also give you plenty of storage space. 





Peel and stick glass tile backsplash

Here is another great remodeling project for the kitchen that you should consider. A new backsplash will freshen up the whole room. And you don’t have to invest a lot of money to remove the old tiles and replace them with new ones. All you need to do is get these peel and stick glass tiles. The best thing is that you can stick them over the old tiles. You can peel the protective paper off, and stick the glass tiles over the existing ones. No one will ever guess that you have done this!


DIY makeup vanity

Ladies will fall in love with this remodeling project. Every woman wants to have her own makeup vanity. Some might not have enough space, while others might not have included it in their budget. But, this shouldn’t keep you frustrated. There are so many simple and easy ways to make a DIY vanity.

 Once you see these ideas, you will be so amazed by the creativity. Mount one of those cheap shelves, but make sure that it is wide enough. Then, you can add a nice and stylish mirror. Pick the ones that have decorative fancy frames for a lovely accent. Next, add a chair. Finish with some decorative storage boxes and the DIY vanity is all done. 



Once you go through all these creative residential remodeling ideas, it is time to make a decision. They are all beginner-friendly and simple, so it is up to you to choose. Pick the project that will best suit your current home style. Or simply go for the one that best speaks for you. After you finish your project as a beginner, you will definitely want to do more and more. Would you agree?


11 Country Decor Remodels

The country-style decor has a farmhouse style with some hallmark elements mixed such as vintage fabrics and prints, distressed paint, shiplap, antique accents, chicken wire, and hand-me-downs. You will also spot the use of white, pale grays, color punches, and pastels a lot in country decor. So, let’s take a look at some country style before and after remodels.

A Glam Country Kitchen Makeover

This kitchen had builder-grade white cabinets. Moreover, it had a standard stove and a simple fridge. The floor had humdrum tiles. 

The remodel features walls with painted white shiplap panels. The cabinets are pale gray that complements the walls. There are brass accents that add glam to it. A white farmhouse style sink teams up with a brass faucet beautifully. 

The island and the hood have a deep navy color. The floor is wood that adds warmth to the cooling effect created by the white, gray, and blue. The crockery is all-white with vintage vibes added to it with a gold edge.


A Porch Remodel from Dull to Dashing

This porch earlier had two rocking chairs, and the sturdy but lonely structure was shouting for a makeover. The makeover features cane furniture. Two lamps with vintage feel flank the couch. A pastel striped rug reminds of a duvet you would see in a grandma’s room. There are lots of punches of color added with blossoms in white planters. These colors look perfect over the spread of gray color on the floor. Country style pendant lights complete the picture.


A Country Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen had boring yellowish wood cabinets with black pulls and a white backsplash. The remodel has breathed a whole new life with all white cabinets. Black metal cup drawer and cabinet pulls accent them. Dark wood countertops and a black metal sink add the perfect diversity. 

The island has a wood plank top and a duck egg blue paint. A yellow pendant lamp in a vintage style adds further perfection. The appliances are the same as they merge perfectly with the new theme. The backsplash is the same because it was in good condition. By keeping some old elements, you can cut down on your remodel budget. 


A Rustic Country Bathroom Remodel

One glance and you won’t even believe the before and after pictures are of the same bathroom. Starting with the walls, they have warm gray shiplap cladding. The pattern of the floor joins in with the gray walls beautifully. The distressed wood vanity with a mounted farmhouse sink takes this decor to a whole new level. 

To add additional country feels, the designer has added a storage ladder above the toilet. The tub is a vintage clawfoot. A lace shower curtain cascades over it, making it more vintage. The shower curtain has a reclaimed wood valance. A neatly tucked-in wicker basket on the vanity rack keeps clutter out of sight.


A Dining Room Conversion Into a Country Kitchen

The before picture of this dining room shows a dining set and a fireplace. The remodel into a kitchen is stunningly amazing. The fireplace got converted into a hood for the cooktop. The designer employed a cool idea. They removed the plaster from the wall to expose the bricks underneath. The bricks then were painted in a distressed manner. The backsplash features square tiles with black grout. The floor has washed wood planks. The countertops are of pale wood. The island is a salvaged table with two vintage wood barstools. The highlight is the lighting fixtures hanging above the kitchen island.


A Country Fireplace Remodel

Sometimes one smart change can impart a new theme to a room. For example, this living room. The fireplace before was in a traditional style. The makeover features a brick cladding fireplace with white paint. This new country style brick look merges well with the board and batten on the walls behind.


A Hallway Remodel

Earlier in this entryway, there was tacky pink paint all over the walls. Then there was a carpet too in pink. But one thing that was clever and still contained in the remodel is the work desk next to the half wall. In the remodel you can see a French country buffet near the entrance door. A wicker basket provides storage for extra throw blankets and cushions of the living room. The buffet has a plain white mirror on the wall above. 

If we talk about the desk, then that is replaced with a farmhouse style work desk. It has the trademark stained wood top and white legs, you would find in farmhouse style furniture. The chair is a hand-me-down piece painted white.


A Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover

This laundry room had only a wire shelf hanging on for dear life as the only storage option. The remodel features two cabinets in gray color. The cabinets have three shelves in between. The chalkboard wall sign with vintage font joins the show too. There is a fourth shelf under the cabinets. The wall behind the washer and dryer has shiplap. There are wicker baskets on the shelves. Baskets are a wonderful way to keep clutter away from the shelves. They look beautiful too. The rug has gone from red to monochrome. 

The washer and the dryer are the old ones. You don’t have to splurge on appliances in a country style remodel. If their performance is fine, they can serve as vintage accents.

A Modern Rustic Entryway Renovation


The old entryway had scattered elements. The old look was also a country farmhouse style. But the new look is for those who like to add modern touches to vintage country decor. The open shelf next to the door is now a closed shoe cabinet. The wall at the side of the door has reclaimed wood boards. The X shape console table is adding even more farmhouse vibes. 

The designer has built shelves above the window of the bench too. The hall tree is at the corner on one side of the window. The floor is still the same with brick tiles. The color of the wood fixtures is blue now. There is another bench across the brick floor of the living room. That is also the same. The only change is the addition of blue paint on its sides.

A Country Bedroom Makeover


This bedroom earlier was just a place to sleep. There wasn’t anything aesthetically pleasing. The newly renovated look is a breeze. The walls and the ceiling have mint green paint with a satin-matte finish. The curtains are also in the same color as a micro-print. The fireplace is in gray with the exposed bricks left as is. The wingback chair adds a touch of comfort to this serene bedroom. The ceiling has a vintage style chandelier.

A Country Style Sunroom Renovation


The wood trim painted into white has transformed this sunroom altogether. Salvaged tables with sofas in white slipcovers look like a perfect match. The cushions on the sofa and floor have vintage typography. You can also spot some pinstripe vintage prints in this sunroom. A clock in the corner sits with all its glory standing the test of the time. The wicker baskets on the tables bring this sunroom to completion. 

Country Decor Ideas For Every Passionate Home Decorator

Are you a home decor freak on the look for the best country decor? You are in the right place; Decorating a country home might not be that easy. You are certainly on the look for some beautiful decorations that will fit in your specific home style. You don’t have to lose your time or pay a lot of money to bring out the country vibes. We pulled up a collection of must-have items for you. They aren’t expensive and will fit your home perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and check each of them. You will undoubtedly find a few favorites among the country decor on this list!

Windmill Wall Clock

You will certainly need a statement piece that will be noticed. This wall clock is the best solution for this. The unique and bold design will bring the rustic vibes in your living room. Or it can be an unexpected piece to decorate an awkward entryway wall. Feel free to use your creativity in order to make it stand out. 

Rifle Coat Hanger

If you are really up for bold pieces, then you must have this coat hanger. It is the perfect piece to bring the country vibes in the entryway and give your guests a sneak peek of what your home looks like. They will be really surprised when they see a coat hanger in the shape of a riffle that looks very authentic. This is quite a unique and rare piece, so rest assured that not many people will have this. 

Wagon wheel wall decor

Do you have an empty and dull wall? This wagon wheel will turn it into a statement wall. The design is so simple and rustic, and it will bring the western country vibes to any space. You can pair it with other decorative objects to create a well-curated vignette in a corner of your home. 

Cow Print Rug

Area rugs will anchor the space and bring some rough texture in the space. But, cow print rugs will do more than just that. They will bring authentic charm and an interesting pattern as well. The uneven shape will add a wow element to the room. You can use it in the kid’s room, or even place it under tables. Also, don’t forget that you can layer it with other rugs. Just make sure that they have simple colors and designs, as you don’t want to overwhelm the charm of the cow print rug. 

Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug

Adding different area rugs in various points of your home is an excellent decision. This will bring the warm feeling and plenty of texture that will lift up the country decor to a whole new level. This neutral pattern is perfect for any room. It won’t overwhelm the other elements in the space, letting them be the star of the show. You can use it to accentuate bold pieces of furniture and let them be in the center of attention. 

Faux Leather Window Curtain Valance

Remember that it is all about the small details that make the space pop. and this simple detail will really make a difference in your living room. The curtain valance is made of faux leather and has that specific worn-out finish. On the ends, they have small fringes. Nothing looks more country than this. You will spice up even the most basic curtain designs with this. 

Horseshoe mug stand

Don’t forget to bring the country vibes into the kitchen as well. Coffee lovers want to have their favorite mugs always ready. There is no better way to show off your collection than displaying them on this stylish mug rack. It is made of cast iron, which is responsible for the authentic look. The detail that you will love the most is these beautiful horseshoes. You can hang each mug on the side of the horseshoe. If you do believe that horseshoes bring luck for you, don’t miss to get this unique piece for your kitchen countertops.

Chicken wire toilet paper holder

Don’t forget to spruce up your bathroom as well. We don’t usually think of the bathroom as space where you can show off your decor skills. But, many will prove this wrong. You can consider the bathroom like any other room in the house. Add charming and authentic decor pieces that you will really love. This unique toilet paper holder is a true masterpiece. The design is quite simple, but the chicken wire brings authentic vibes and a rustic appearance. But, you can always find alternative ways to use this item. You can also use it as a towel rack in your kitchen. 

Rustic floating shelves

Small homes will always take advantage of the floating shelves. They will help you use all the vertical space in an effective way. This design made of metal and wood looks so simple but really makes a statement. These rustic floating shelves can’t remain unnoticed. The best thing is that you can use them in any room you like. Store your toiletries, or store the kitchen utensil with their help. Don’t forget to style up your floating shelves like a real professional. To do this, you should play with the texture and size of the decorative objects. 

Black Console Table

Country decor enthusiasts are really looking for unique and special decor items. It is not about placing random items, but more about decorating your home with the things that you really love. Remember this when you want to add a certain product in your cart. This console table is a staple for every country decor lover. You can use it in the living room or the entryway. Layer up with your favorite decorative objects to enhance the style. You will ned up with a nicely curated corner of your home. 

DIY home remodeling for beginners: Ideas to get inspired

Are you a home improvement enthusiast looking for simple projects to spruce up your home? Sure there are tons of projects that you can do, but not all of them are suitable for beginners. We went through so many home remodeling projects, and now want to share the best ones with you. They are all simple and suitable for beginners like you. So, make sure that you go through each of them and find the one that works for you!

DIY faux shiplap wall

Shiplap walls look so beautiful. If you want to implement this trend in your home, you might be turned away by the fact that it can actually be expensive. But, keep in mind that you can do your own DIY faux shiplap wall. To complete this project, you will need to get sanded plywood from your craft store. Mount them on the wall and cover the gaps with paintable caulk. Finish with a fresh coat of white paint and your lovely statement wall is ready. 


Spray paint hardware

Even the smallest details can make or break the room. Consider updating your outdated hardware with a coat of spray paint. You don’t have to spend lots of money to buy new ones. From lighting fixtures to doorknobs, you can always update the worn-out hardware without spending much. Keep in mind that you will have to get a proper spray paint that will cover metal surfaces. The Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint will do the job perfectly. This is the most commonly used spray paint for DIY projects like these. Feel free to choose the finish you think is best.


Paint the staircase

Paint can really do wonders, especially if you are looking for simpler remodeling projects for beginners. The staircase experienced quite a lot of wear and tear. So, you might be tired of the outdated look, scratches, and scuffs. For now, you might not have considered including the staircase in your home improvement projects. But when you see the difference that it makes, you will want to do it now. You will love how this staircase has a contrast between white and black. Start with taping off the walls and paint the staircase. 


Industrial concrete countertops

If you love contemporary looks, then this is your go-to trend for the kitchen. Concrete countertops are extremely popular when we talk about kitchen remodeling. Ardex Feather Finish is the secret trick to complete this project. Prepare the mixture according to the instructions on the package. Start with clean countertops and sand the surface so that the cement layer will hold.  Remember to always use a concrete sealer to avoid it coming in touch with your food.  Once it is completed, you will be amazed by the modern look of your kitchen. 


Repaint the kitchen cabinets

You might be drooling over those beautiful and dreamy kitchens that you see on the internet. And you get dissapointed when you see your own. But, be sure that you can always work to improve it. The kitchen cabinets take a large part of the space. So, it is a smart idea to start with them. And you don’t have to buy new ones and spend a lot of money. You can update the existing ones with a coat of fresh white paint. The space will look more bright and airy, and your kitchen will be on the way for a complete update. 

This kitchen design features a combination of white cabinets and wooden countertops. It is definitely an excellent combination that will work for your kitchen. 


If you don’t feel like painting in white, you can always go for another option. Black and wood is an elegant combo, while you can also pick a pastel shade. 


Update the bathroom hardware

The hardware in the bathroom is the most underrated thing. You can’t hope to have a stylish bathroom, while the hardware is worn out and out of style. There are two simple solutions: to change them and get new ones or simply repaint them with spray paint. If you want to go for a modern and sleek look, pick a black finish. This goes for doorknobs, cabinet knobs and pulls, light fixtures, and faucets.

 When all the hardware elements are in the same color it will look so cohesive and well-styled. But, you aren’t limited only to black. If it won’t fit in your style, you can pick other tones. The Rust-Oleum Spray Paint is a very common choice when it comes to spray paint. It comes in different tones, so you can pick the one that works. You can choose whether you prefer silver tones, gold, bronze, or copper. There are different tones of each finish, so this is even better. 



Wooden crate shelves

Whether you need to create a statement wall, want some extra storage space, or are looking for a way to display a collection, this is the right pick. Using cheap wooden crates, you can make the best looking shelves. They are so easy to work with, which makes this project beginner-friendly. Also, you can easily customize your shelves. You can add as many crates as you want, or even add more later. You can also stack them in creative and unexpected ways for a dose of visual interest. And you are also able to paint them so that the wooden crates will fit your specific style. 

This example shows that you can do it very easily. The wooden crates are painted in black for that extra contrast. But, you don’t stop here. Add a cozy chair and turn this corner of your home into a cozy reading nook. 


When you have gone through these ideas, you can now pick your favorite. They are all beginner-friendly, so you don’t have an excuse anymore. What do you think about them?

Brilliant Country Kitchen DIY Ideas

Hello DIY lovers? Are you ready to spruce up your kitchen with some country kitchen DIY ideas? We have the best ones to share with you. Many people will forget to decorate the kitchen, as they consider it only for the functional aspect. But, you can always get creative and play with the decor to bring the rustic vibes. 

When it comes to country kitchens, you might be limited with the decor choice at stores. Or, you might find these pieces expensive. The best solution is to DIY it. You won’t need to spend much money on kitchen decor, and you will have fun during the DIY process. Don’t miss the great ideas that we want to share with you!

DIY kitchen towel hanger

If you love unique items that have that special charm, this DIY is for you. You can use an old grater as a towel hanger. The worn out look will bring a special dose of rustic charm in the kitchen. 


If you can’t find a vintage grater, you would want to check this one out below!

Country style kitchen storage canisters

Plastic storage canisters are always practical. You won’t have to worry about them breaking, as you would do with porcelain or glass. This is especially important if you have kids and don’t want to waste your money on things that can easily break. But, you know that plastic might not fit in your country style. Don’t worry, because there is a simple solution to this. All you need are labels with a nice country-style font. You can download a free font and print them out all by yourself. Apply on the canisters and decorate your shelves!


Set of country style canisters

Beautiful and stylish canisters for coffee and tea might be expensive. Or, you might not find the specific style that you are after. But, don’t forget that you can always DIY it. If you already have an old set of canisters that wouldn’t fit in the country style, you can modify them with a few simple steps. You can use matte white spray paint to cover them. This will result in a simple and clean look, that has a rustic appearance. Spray paint is so cheap and you can get it here:

Keep in mind that there are different shades of white and off white. You can always layer up your neutral colors to achieve dimension. Feel free to play with ivory, light cream, chiffon cream, and champagne. You don’t have to stick to white only. Make sure that the surface is clean before you apply the spray paint, so remove any debris or impurities. 


DIY rustic tray

Don’t forget that a wooden tray can do wonders for your country decor. It will bring a dose of texture and act as an anchor. You can keep your basic necessities on the tray, as it will look very stylish. Having them scattered around will make your countertops appear cluttered. By adding a simple tray, you will concentrate them all in one place.

This tutorial will show you how to make a pretty rustic tray and paint it in white. It will fit your country kitchen perfectly!


Simple utensil holder

The idea of storing your utensils in a white porcelain pitcher might sound too simple. But, you probably didn’t think of that before. When you see how pretty it looks, you will want to do it. You will really love how the smooth white porcelain and the wooden spoons bring out a contrast of textures. 


White serving pitcher

DIY whitewashed tiered tray

In many blogger homes that you will see on the internet, you will spot a tiered tray. This is the ultimate decor piece that can fit any style. You can layer it with decorative items and adjust it to any season or holiday. When you place it in the kitchen, you have some extra storage space that actually looks stylish. 

The best part is that you can actually DIY a tiered tray. This one was made of round wooden boards and wooden candle holders. You can paint them in white, and assemble them. No one will know that you are the one that made such a stunning piece. 


When you make your tiered tray, it is time to style it up. You should play with texture and add different decorative items from your kitchen. Don’t forget to add something green to bring out a dose of freshness. 

Rustic pantry jars

Do you have lots of old mason jars that sit uselessly? Put them to good use after you see this awesome DIY project. All you need are some free pintable’s and some spare time. We really love how these pantry jars look authentic. And the best thing is that you can actually state the specific recipe for each thing. 

If you don’t have so many mason jars, you can always buy them for cheap


A nice countertop vignette

Don’t leave the countertops empty. Nether leave them cluttered. You can always style up your kitchen with the things that you already have. Think of those vintage old wood boards as an excellent way to bring a dose of texture. Stack a large one, and a smaller one in front to create dimension. Add one taller object and smaller ones that vary in texture and size. You see, it is all about playing with different sizes and textures.



Just remember not to display the scuffed and old cutting boards. Instead, check the following ones!

Wooden cutting board

Dark walnut boards

Round serving board

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