Beginners guide to types of lamps

If your a new DIY’er or just want to know more about lamp decor, this guide will help you find exactly the type of lamp you want or discover the many types of lamps. Here you will find a general description of lamps as well as quick guides to get you started. Lets start off with the most basic type of lamp, a table lamp.

Table Lamps

Accent lighting is a table lamp’s primary purpose. They are the perfect height to sit on a table, shelf, or desk. Unlike floor lamps which are identical other than their height , table lamps are more distinct in the purpose they serve and the location where they should be placed. They are perfect for nightstands and end tables where they can provide an illuminating yet peaceful glow. You can also place buffet lamps on serving tables at dinner parties – their slender necks and downcast lighting are perfect for helping guests to see what they’re putting on their plates.

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Floor Lamps

With so many options to choose from, floor lamps are one of the most popular types of lamps. Their freestanding design allows them to be placed anywhere within reach of an electrical outlet. There versatile lighting can provide table lamp lighting or provide lighting that illuminates the entire room. They don’t require complicated installation, mounting, or wiring. Because they are not permanently attached, and usually don’t weight more than ten pounds, one can feel free to move or swap them out as you please.

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Novelty Lamps

Have you looked through the types of lamps and haven’t found one that you like? How about a novelty lamp that catches the eye and sets off the style of your room. With any novelty lamp, the lamp is more of an expression of your personality and the tone of the room. It may not be the best lighting for the room and may not even provide enough illumination for a good book read but you will sure please yourself and friends with its unique look.

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Misc lamps

These lamps consist mainly of customized versions of table, floor and novelty lamps. For example, lamps that are dimmable. These types of lamps have the ability with a nob or button to dim to an intensity that suits your lighting needs and mood. Another example is battery powered lamps. The lamps have the ability to light up just with a couple of batteries and not to be held up by any outlets. Last but not least USB lamps have the ability to plug into your computer or an outlet and charge them. They can even charge your other USB devices, when you need a quick charge.

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