Brilliant Country Kitchen DIY Ideas

Hello DIY lovers? Are you ready to spruce up your kitchen with some country kitchen DIY ideas? We have the best ones to share with you. Many people will forget to decorate the kitchen, as they consider it only for the functional aspect. But, you can always get creative and play with the decor to bring the rustic vibes. 

When it comes to country kitchens, you might be limited with the decor choice at stores. Or, you might find these pieces expensive. The best solution is to DIY it. You won’t need to spend much money on kitchen decor, and you will have fun during the DIY process. Don’t miss the great ideas that we want to share with you!

DIY kitchen towel hanger

If you love unique items that have that special charm, this DIY is for you. You can use an old grater as a towel hanger. The worn out look will bring a special dose of rustic charm in the kitchen. 


If you can’t find a vintage grater, you would want to check this one out below!

Country style kitchen storage canisters

Plastic storage canisters are always practical. You won’t have to worry about them breaking, as you would do with porcelain or glass. This is especially important if you have kids and don’t want to waste your money on things that can easily break. But, you know that plastic might not fit in your country style. Don’t worry, because there is a simple solution to this. All you need are labels with a nice country-style font. You can download a free font and print them out all by yourself. Apply on the canisters and decorate your shelves!


Set of country style canisters

Beautiful and stylish canisters for coffee and tea might be expensive. Or, you might not find the specific style that you are after. But, don’t forget that you can always DIY it. If you already have an old set of canisters that wouldn’t fit in the country style, you can modify them with a few simple steps. You can use matte white spray paint to cover them. This will result in a simple and clean look, that has a rustic appearance. Spray paint is so cheap and you can get it here:

Keep in mind that there are different shades of white and off white. You can always layer up your neutral colors to achieve dimension. Feel free to play with ivory, light cream, chiffon cream, and champagne. You don’t have to stick to white only. Make sure that the surface is clean before you apply the spray paint, so remove any debris or impurities. 


DIY rustic tray

Don’t forget that a wooden tray can do wonders for your country decor. It will bring a dose of texture and act as an anchor. You can keep your basic necessities on the tray, as it will look very stylish. Having them scattered around will make your countertops appear cluttered. By adding a simple tray, you will concentrate them all in one place.

This tutorial will show you how to make a pretty rustic tray and paint it in white. It will fit your country kitchen perfectly!


Simple utensil holder

The idea of storing your utensils in a white porcelain pitcher might sound too simple. But, you probably didn’t think of that before. When you see how pretty it looks, you will want to do it. You will really love how the smooth white porcelain and the wooden spoons bring out a contrast of textures. 


White serving pitcher

DIY whitewashed tiered tray

In many blogger homes that you will see on the internet, you will spot a tiered tray. This is the ultimate decor piece that can fit any style. You can layer it with decorative items and adjust it to any season or holiday. When you place it in the kitchen, you have some extra storage space that actually looks stylish. 

The best part is that you can actually DIY a tiered tray. This one was made of round wooden boards and wooden candle holders. You can paint them in white, and assemble them. No one will know that you are the one that made such a stunning piece. 


When you make your tiered tray, it is time to style it up. You should play with texture and add different decorative items from your kitchen. Don’t forget to add something green to bring out a dose of freshness. 

Rustic pantry jars

Do you have lots of old mason jars that sit uselessly? Put them to good use after you see this awesome DIY project. All you need are some free pintable’s and some spare time. We really love how these pantry jars look authentic. And the best thing is that you can actually state the specific recipe for each thing. 

If you don’t have so many mason jars, you can always buy them for cheap


A nice countertop vignette

Don’t leave the countertops empty. Nether leave them cluttered. You can always style up your kitchen with the things that you already have. Think of those vintage old wood boards as an excellent way to bring a dose of texture. Stack a large one, and a smaller one in front to create dimension. Add one taller object and smaller ones that vary in texture and size. You see, it is all about playing with different sizes and textures.



Just remember not to display the scuffed and old cutting boards. Instead, check the following ones!

Wooden cutting board

Dark walnut boards

Round serving board

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