Decorate a room with no money.

Have you spent all your cash on large furnishings and don’t have enough to decorate your room? Or maybe you cant afford to spruce up your room and make it inviting and fun. Well fear no longer. I have 10 ways to decorate your room with no money. All the materials are mostly every day items you have or can scavenge for outside, but don’t worry all you need is some time and elbow grease.

Picture frame from twigs and branches

All of us need a little reminder of something or someone important in our lives. It could be a significant other or a special place that cheers you up. A picture frame does that and more. Place them in multiple spot in your room and watch them fill the space with warmth and uniqueness not found everywhere. Talk about not wasting a penny on decor. Making your own picture frame with twigs and branches is easy and free! Check this website out to get the step by step by

Toilet roll Art

Again the goal is to use household items to turn into charming decorative items to cheer up a drab and cold room. Toilet roll art is perfect to decorate your room on a strict budget of no money! You may think it might be odd to use rolls to decorate but many websites show off all the beautiful ways they can be turned into art never knowing they are what holds your toilet paper roll together. The website below will introduce you to the many creative ways to have interesting art pieces without a penny. Click on this link for more examples

Create a Rug with Old T-Shirts

Have you ever dreamed of a area rug but could not find one that fit your decor or even in the right price range? Well how about making your own rug with no money? It looks hard but its actually pretty easy. The best part of making the rug is you get to recycle your old t-shirts! This rug was made entirely of old shirts and crochet into the design you see above. From all the comments around the web, they are comfy on your feet and really bring the room together. The website below shows exactly how to make it and how easy it really is. Here is a link to the rugs creator.

Refinish handed down furniture

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture left on the street, or a piece that was given to you for free? Well instead of having it chucked away in the trash, refinish it! Many times we dismiss furniture for looking too beat up or scratched to tell what it potentially could be. If you think about it most wood furniture does not have far to go to fix it. If the main structure is there and its not broken in two or missing a crucial piece that supports it then its like gold. Try to avoid items that can house insects or bugs like sofas, love seats, and other items that can be saturated with harmful substances. Wood can easily be cleaned and if its a hardwood can be refinished with new luster. The table above has seen better days with scratches and chips, but as you will see by clicking the link, the table looks like new after a bit of refinishing.

Make a Toilet Roll Pencil Holder

When decorating its always good to have items that also serve a function. Like this item above. This pencil holder adds some character to your room and organizes your pencil all in one place. As a DIYer you need to have some of your crafting tools handy and why not decorate it to fit your decor. Toilet rolls again come in handy and because they an abundant part of your trash why not use them instead of wasting them. With a bit of wrapping paper and a small container to keep them together, they serve both form and function. Heres a link to make your own.

Make Candles from Crayons

Another full proof project to decorate your room with great items that do break the bank or even touch it. Everyone and their mother has crayons. They are household items everyone has, or are very common to find around. What better way to recycle old dirty crayons that to melt them into candles. These candle not only fill the room with vibrant colors but give a romantic cozy ambiance to any room when lit. You can never go wrong with candles and they will always be items to talk about. Take a look how exactly they made these great additions to your overall decor.

Photo Wall Art

When you want to fill your room with wall art, what better than pictures of your friends and family! Make it interesting. Put them into a heart pattern or a saying that you love. As you can see from above the simplest and classy way is to put them on a string and fasten them with some clothes pins. It makes another interesting area of decor and you dont need frames to hang them up.

Paper Mache Lamp

Why spend money on items you can afford when you can make them yourself. This project is no different. I never thought creating a lamp shade out of paper would look so amazing. Again some glue and paper are the major items here, which require no money at all. The more creative one gets the better a room will look without having to give up your hard working cash. In the link provided you will see exactly how some paper and glue come together to form amazing shades to become the center pieces of you room. Here’s the link.

T-Shirt Throw Pillows

Last but not least, a room without throw pillows is lack luster at best. If your sofa is bare and your personality needs to scream onto your decor why not use your own t-shirts? This project is really impressive and once again to go with our overall theme…. no money at all. Use your old or even new shirts instead of paying $20 or $30 bucks for a pillow that is just blah. In the following link you will get a detailed explanation on how to turn your shirts into throw pillow magic. Obviously keep in mind some of the items you may not have or the skills maybe lacking but with a little persistence and some time you can create just about anything to decorate your once bare room.

Have a bit of cash but want budget friendly decor, check this blog out to find a list of local stores that may have what you need. Here

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