DIY Bookcase Ideas

Do you love reading and collecting books? Your cherished books must be hard to let go of. So, why not put them on a bookcase. You don’t have to visit any furniture store. You can make your own bookcase with these ideas.

A Ladder Bookcase

Making your own furniture not only costs you far less, but you get a quality that will last many years. You can give a shot to this bookcase made with ladders. First, you have to make twin ladders. Join them with hinges so that you can make a folding frame. Chop wood boards into shelves according to the size of the ladder frame. Finally, paint the bookcase or apply a varnish stain.


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A Crate Bookshelf Idea

A few years ago the recycling of wood crates was trending so much, that shops started to produce wood crates too. So, now you can find them easily in any home decor store. And if you already have some, then bring them out of the garage or attic. Stack and secure them with wood adhesive or nails. Arrange the crates in different ways to have some character and uniqueness. Paint the bookshelf for bringing in cheer. Stain it if you want a rustic look. You can also hand paint the crates with patterns. Furthermore, you can add string or LED lights. The possibilities are endless!


A DIY Copper Pipe Bookcase

Have you ever thought of making a bookcase out of copper plumbing tubes? Maybe not, but once you see how great it looks in your home you will never look back. Metallic details effortlessly bring glamor to a room. You can use copper pipes to build a frame of your bookcase. Then fix wood boards over the copper tubing framework. Paint the wood shelves white before installing. Source

A DIY Spine Bookshelf

If you don’t have space to spare for a chunky bookcase, you can still have one. This skinny spine bookshelf rises vertically. It can store a lot of books. The design is simple. You have to fix boards of wood to a supporting wood plank spine. This bookcase is a great idea to expand the storage of petite rooms.


A Geometric Bookcase

This bookcase is a lot more than just a storage space for your reads. It will make a statement in your living room. The design involves a lot of chopping and assembling. But the result is worth all the elbow grease.


Repurposed Drawer Chest Bookcases

Sometimes the life of one piece of furniture ends, and another begins. If you happen to own an old dresser, then don’t say goodbye to it. Sand it, paint it, and add shelves to it. Transform it into a bookcase. Source

Salvaged Door Bookcases

You can convert a vintage door into a perfect sized bookcase. There are two ways to make a bookcase out of an old door. Firstly, you can fix the shelves and legs to the front of the door. Secondly, you can make rectangular cuts along with the boxes of the door, and put shelves backward. Though the first method requires less effort.


A Cinder Block Bookcase

Sturdy furniture is more often than not costly. But you can create a durable bookcase on a budget. Grab some cinder blocks, two to three wood boards, and put together a book rack. It’s a quick project for those who don’t know much about woodworking. Source

A Hanging Book rack

If your home office is small, and you want to add a book rack to it, then hang it. By doing this, you won’t be occupying any floor space. To create a bookcase like this, you have to drill holes in four corners of wood boards. Then mount them on the wall with metal anchors and chunky nylon rope. This bookcase has two tiers, but you can go up to 6 or 8, provided that the anchor support is strong enough.


Recycled Pallet Wood Bookcases

A pallet bookcase is a perfect idea to give rustic character to a room. You can make tweaks to pallet wood frames to create a bookshelf you want. The first method is to add wood planks to the pallet frame so that the books can stay over it. The second method is to add wood plank shelves to it. Both ways, it will look incredible. Apply varnish to your bookcase if you like dark tones of wood.


A DIY Mandala Bookcase

To create this stunning piece, you have to get or build cubby shelves in three different sizes. For each size category, you have to get 12 each. The next part is all about arranging the cubic shelves. First, you will create the outer circle of mandala petals. Then the inner one with the second size of cubby shelves. Finally, the third and smallest set of cubby shelves will come.


A West Elm Knock Off Book rack

Sometimes we see a furniture piece in a high-end store, but give up the idea after viewing the price tag. But if you have a DIYer inside, it will come out many times, saying I can for sure knock it off. This bookcase is a design taken from west elm. You have to make a bookcase with ladder sides from scratch. Then apply stain to it. Finish its look with metal bars forming an X at the back.

A DIY Modern Minimalist Bookshelf

The idea to make this bookcase is easy. It just looks intimidating after looking at it. But, actually making it only requires the right measurements, lumber, stain and some time.


A Tree Bookcase

If you want to a tree in your home and want to combine it with books then this tree book shelf is perfect. To make this bookshelf, you have to make branches of the tree by stacking and gluing plywood. Then cut it into parts according to the measurements of the tree branches. Nail all the plywood branches to a wood board.


A DIY Bookcase with Angled Shelves

Here is a new take on the conventional bookshelf with angled shelves. After building the frame of the bookcase, follow the guidelines of the diagrams, and add the angled shelves. Stain the bookshelf in the end, and you are done. This bookcase can be the proud creation that you can put in the entryway and brag about it!


A Cable Spool Bookcase Idea

Choose a cable spool that suits the size of your bedroom or living room. Paint the cable spool in any color. Then attach casters to its bottom. Measure the height of the cable reel and then fix wooden dowels. Paint the dowels in the same color as the spool. Put in your books, and enjoy a portable bookcase. You can also join two cable spools to create a tiered bookcase. Alternate the dowels in both tiers to add some style.


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