DIY decor for your coffee table

Do you happen to know what is the one item in your living room that pulls everything together? Its your coffee table. Its literally the center of the room and brings your decorative elements together. The table is also a place to put items that you love or that you feel compliment the space. It sets the tone for the style your going for with only minimal objects. As you go through some of these decorative tips keep in mind scale is important as well as the space the decor takes up. Last thing you want is a item that is too big and detracts from the space or many items that just clutter your coffee table.

Small scale items

This room for example has large pieces that convey a warm but modern feel albeit comfortable and luxurious without being over the top. With such large furniture pieces a coffee table with small items plays well with scale not over taking the room but using a modern chrome element with a simple plant to bring some added life and color to the room.

Custom trays

Trays organize and define a space for any coffee table’s decor. But you can also customize them and bring a little more color by creating your own tray. This glass tray made from broken glass pieces brings a fun element to the room and makes it easier to find one or two more items to easily finish off the tables decor. No need to find ornate pieces or large items when the design of the tray completes the style


Candles always add a soothing comfortable tone to any decorative style and using them to compliment a coffee table only adds to the beauty of any coffee table. Candles come in all shapes and sizes, but its crucial to select the right candle for your table. The example above shows how well candles add to the overall tone of the room without being flashy and taking over the tables beauty. The candle’s wood tones with a fresh and subtle white color highlight the candles and the table wood grain.

Minimal decor

The enthusiasm to want to over decorate your coffee table is understandable but clutter usually detracts from all the hard work you’ve done with the rest of the room. A minimalist approach is always key to make your table pop. At the end of the day a coffee table is an piece of furniture to utilize, and not to have cluttered. In this case a small flower and candle give the room just enough to tie the room together. When it comes to DIY, this decor style is the easiest.

Seasonal Decor

As the focal point of any room the coffee table again can set a tone for the room by changing it up for every season. By just adding simple decor like tulips for summer or a small pumpkin for fall, the decor can always stay fresh and not become a bore after a while.

Coffe Table Makeover

This option is a bit more involved but really makes your coffee table a truly unique piece. For this option decor is not the key but how unique and useful you want to make your table. If you expect and want your living room to be kid friendly the option to make your table top a chalk board is great. Children can doodle and create any design and not damage your perfectly decorated table.

Now if you want to create an impact and maybe show off your DIY skills here another example of a custom table. This epoxy table really pops in every way and can make decorating the rest of your room simpler by adding pieces that are subtle neutral colors to compliment your show piece.

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