DIY Kids’ Room Wall Decor Ideas

While designing a kid’s room, we try our best to keep it cheerful. While there are so many wall decor products available, it is not always a budget-friendly option. You can create a fun look in your little one’s room by creating wall art yourself. Here are some cute ideas.

A Rainbow Wall Hanging

A rainbow symbolizes joy and hope. It makes us instantly happy. So, why not create a rainbow wall art? Your kiddos are going to love it. You only need to have some free time and patience to whip this up. Take 4 pool noodles, and bend one of them with the help of a copper tube. Wrap the first pool noodle with pastel pink chunky yarn. Wrap the remaining pool noodles with mustard yellow, pastel green, and sky blue chunky yarn. Put these pool noodles inside the first one, and fix them in place with the help of a hot glue gun. Finish the rainbow with felt balls and super chunky white cotton yarn tassels. Source

Giant Paper Flowers

Spring is always a season to celebrate, with its flowers blooming everywhere. So, why not get creative and craft some giant flowers with construction paper? You have to cut large petals in 3 to 4 different sizes for each flower. Curl them using a dowel. Cut a fringe and roll it to make the center of the flower. Start gluing the small flower petals to the center of the flower with a hot glue gun. Keep increasing the size of the rose petals until you get the flower of your desired size.

Watch the video tutorial here


Unicorn Dream Catchers

Add a whimsical touch to a dream catcher by making it pop with color. Wrap six-inch embroidery hoops with embroidery floss or yarn. You can choose any color palette you like. You can also choose a color combination similar to the theme colors of the room. Embellish further with glitter foam sheet horns and paper flowers.


A 3D Dinosaur Gallery Wall

Kids are Dino lovers. You can add some Dinos to their bedroom for fun wall decor. This wall art is quick and easy peasy. First, grab some picture frames. You can recycle old ones too. Cover the photo frames with spray paint. Add card stock or glittered papers as a backdrop to the photo frames. Cut plastic Dinos in half and glue them to the center of each frame with a heavy adhesive. Source

Giraffe Nursery Wall Art

Are you looking for a perfect idea to fill your baby nursery wall? Try this giraffe wall art. First, create a canvas with pieces of wood joined together with wood trim. Paint all the wood planks white. Then paint giraffe silhouettes in assorted colors. Detail them with stamped circles, freehand painted leaves, and stripes of white paint.


Kids Art Display Wall

When your children come home with drawings and paintings from school, where do hang them? Instead of placing them on the fridge, which they can fall and get damaged use this method instead. Use their art to decorate their room! Take two to three wood boards. Apply stain to them. Fix them on the wall. Then fix hooks to hang a cotton yarn line. Use curtain clips to hang the artwork.


A Chalkboard Wall

Wall art can be even more fun if your kids get to change it every day. Decide the area and shape of the chalkboard on the wall. Make its edge with gypsum or wood trim. Grab a brush and apply coats of chalkboard paint in the marked area.


Craft Stick Sunburst Wall Art

Here’s a fun craft project for you and your children. Take a popsicle stick, and trace it on the back of scrapbook papers. Then cut the papers. Brush mod podge glue on all the popsicle sticks, and stick the cutouts. You can also work with adhesive printed paper. Once the paint sticks are ready, glue them around a wood disc to create a sunburst wall art.


Colorful Wall Letters

You can do this DIY wall decor project in just an hour. The outcome is super cute. Take paper mache letters. Paint half or partial cardboard letters with acrylic paints. Detail half of them with a white paint marker and voila!Source

A Pom Pom Heart Wall Hanging

Pom poms are pure cuteness, and they look adorable in a kids room. Cut a poster board in heart shape. Make lots of pom poms in the colors you want. Use a hot glue gun to fix the pom poms to the heart-shaped poster board. Hang it on the wall with picture hanging strips.


A Yarn Tassel Garland

Tassels are a great way to add a pop of color to a kiddo’s room. Tassels are easy to create. You can also recycle leftover yarn from your winter knitting or crochet projects. Source

A DIY Heart Hanging Wall

Your daughter would love hearts raining down from above her in this smart DIY project. Cut as many hearts as you want from colored and printed scrapbook papers. You can use a craft punch to make this step easier. Make garlands of the hearts with twine or ribbon. Fasten the heart garlands to a piece of wood trim or tree branches. You can play with this idea and create a wall hanging with other shapes too.

A Decoupage Tree Wall Art

With just some scrapbook papers, you can make this stunning wall art. Gather some printed scrapbook papers. Cut and paste them on the wall with mod podge. First, create the trunk and then the branches. Then fill it with leaves of the same printed papers. 

Ballerina Tutu Wall Art

If you have a little girl who loves ballerinas, then make this wall art for her room. The idea is easy yet so cute. Take a canvas. You can paint it in any color with acrylic paint or leave it white. Draw and paint a ballerina on it. Then make its skirt with tulle fabric. You can also use ribbons for the skirt.

A Button Rainbow Art

Here’s another great craft project you can do yourself with your children. Paint a canvas with light blue paint. Then paint a rainbow with purple, blue, green, yellow and pink paint. Start gluing buttons matching the colors of the paints. Glue cotton balls to make the clouds. You can finish it at this step or write something with a golden paint marker.

Yarn Wrapped Letters Wall Art

You can steal this idea for your baby nursery. Write your baby’s name on the wall with yarn wrapped letters. First, you have to wrap paper mache letters in yarn with a hot glue gun. Decorate them with felt flowers. Prepare photo frames with burlap fabric in them. Hot glue the yarn letters to the frames. Hang them in your little one’s room with ribbon loops.

DIY Color Block Sunburst Wall Art

This color block wall art will make a perfect feature on the blank wall of your kids’ room. Take a wood board in the size you want. Then make a sunburst pattern over it with painter’s tape. Paint it in different colors. Remove the painter’s tape and hang the wall art. You can try to make this same pattern on a painting canvas too.

DIY Butterfly Wall Art

Cut butterflies from scrapbook paper. Then fold them from the center with a pencil. Use a hot glue gun to glue the butterflies to a canvas. You can make this wall art with colored papers too. Instead of a canvas, you can use double-sided tape to stick these butterflies directly to a wall.

If your looking for other great ideas look below for more suggestions!

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