DIY Nightstand Ideas

Sometimes a bedroom needs a small refresh. As the season transitions, it is a great time to make some changes in your room. You can do that by changing or adding one or two nightstands. Here are some DIY ideas you can try.

A Wood Crate Nightstand Idea

If you prefer a bedside table with open storage, then try making one with wood crates. You can make a small minimalist nightstand with just one wood crate. Attach hairpin legs to it if you want. If space allows, go for stacking two or more wood crates.

Here is a video tutorial to make a wood crate nightstand


A Mirrored Nightstand

Mirrored nightstands without a doubt look fabulous. But they are usually with a huge price tag in places such as Anthropologie. You can make a knock-off by hacking an IKEA Rast dresser. You have to cover the drawer fronts with mirrors. You can give the measurements to a glass shop, and they will cut it for you. Detail it further with balustrade posts, trim, and wood spindle legs.

Know more about a mirrored nightstand here


A Sliding Barn Door Nightstand

A Sliding Barn Door Nightstand

Farmhouse style furniture is trending these days, and this trend seems to go nowhere anytime soon. You can make a nightstand for your bedroom with a small sliding barn door and some nice wicker baskets.

Learn how to make this nightstand in detail here


A Vintage Ladder Nightstand

Since we are talking about rustic farmhouse style, we thought of featuring this idea too. It requires no effort. The only work you have to do is to rummage through a flea market and find a vintage ladder. If the ladder has no steps, give it some love, and add wood board shelves to it.


A Concrete Block Nightstand

This particular idea will make you very happy if you don’t know how to use even a basic saw for wood. Make a nightstand by stacking concrete blocks. This nightstand will stay in its original shape for many years. The openings in the cinder blocks will make perfect storage cubbies for your stuff.


A Penny Nightstand Makeover

If your nightstand is a design you would like to keep, but still needs a refresh, then try this idea. Instead of just painting the piece, treat its tabletop with pennies. You will need to place the pennies on top of it. Then use an epoxy sealer to fix all the copper coins in their place.


A Recycled Drawer

You can convert salvaged drawers into nightstands in two ways. Either put them vertically and attach legs or add a tabletop to an inverted drawer and then fix legs. The first method will make a bedside table with open storage. The second method will only have a top surface as storage. Both ways, the nightstand will look pretty.


An IKEA Expedit Nightstand

A quick and easy way to make a night stand is just purchase one at IKEA. IKEA shelves come in all sizes. So, measure the space available by your bedside. And get an IKEA shelving unit according to that size.


A Bar Stool Nightstand Idea

Take a bar stool and paint it in a shade that goes well with your bedroom. If the bar stool has bars, you can use them to create one or more shelves. Just start wrapping twine rope across the bars, and you will get a surface to perch your stuff.


A Minimimalist Floating Nightstand

This floating nightstand won’t take long to get done. You have to cut two pairs of wood boards to form an open rectangular box. Cut a hole in the top surface of the nightstand for the power strip. If you don’t need any power supply near your bed, you can skip this step. If you want to stain it to bring out the grain even better!


A Hanging Nightstand

Thinking of something a bit unique to make into a nightstand? With some rope and a slice of wood, you can make a floating nightstand. A floating bedside table will save space and look great too. This type of minimalist nightstand that doesn’t even occupy any floor space is ideal for tiny rooms. Take a piece of live edge wood or a log slice. Drill holes and put rope. Hang it with the ceiling using a hook. You can also use a wooden tray as the surface of the nightstand.

Here are more details


A DIY Trash Can Nightstand

This one is another super quick and simple DIY nightstand. Take a trash can. If you don’t like its color, then no worries. Get a can of spray paint meant for metal and change the color of the trash bin. Then invert it if you want, and add a circular wood tabletop. Alternatively, you can use a slab of marble to top the trash can without putting it upside down.

Watch this video to know more


Tree Stump Bedside Tables

You can make a nightstand in no time without the use of any tools. Just find some tree stumps in a lumber yard. Bring them home and put them at the side of your bed. You can apply paint or varnish to the stump if you want.


A Kid’s Nightstand with a Bookshelf and a Toy Box

Here is a clever project for your kid’s bedroom. Create a nightstand in this design from wood and paint. This way, your child can have easy access to books for bedtime stories. Your little one’s favorite plush toys will also be easy to reach.


A Cable Spool Nightstand

To add a bit of rustic charm to your bedroom on a budget, here’s an idea that will give you instant rustic warmth. Search for a small electrical spool that suits the size of your bedroom. Cut it in half with a saw and top with a semi-circle cut glass top. You can skip the cutting part if the spool is too small and won’t claim too much floor space.


A Vintage Suitcase Side Table

If you want to impress your friends and have something you might never find in stores here’s a idea that will be perfect for your bedroom. To make this nightstand, you will need a small vintage suitcase and four table legs. You can also use spindles in place of table legs. The method is very simple. Just find the necessary hardware and attach the table legs to the suitcase. The inside of the suitcase can become a secret compartment for storing your midnight snacks.

Know more here


A Small Table Nightstand Hack

One small table can become two nightstands. The method is very simple. Cut the table in half. You can paint the two parts if needed. Use a wall cleat to fix the nightstands on the wall.

An X Leg Nightstand

An X Leg Nightstand

This bedside table has a beautiful combination of a stained wood top and a white X leg frame. You have to make both parts of this nightstand with wood. The design of this bedside table is a mixture of rustic farmhouse and modern style. The cubby shelf of the nightstand can store your books. The top surface can be used to put a lamp and other essential stuff.

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