DIY Postcard Decor Ideas For Your Home

Are you a passionate postcard collector? You will love theses DIY postcard decor ideas that we would love to share. If you want to make your house feel more like a home, bring some of your personality into them. There is no better way to do this than displaying your hobby. If you have a large collection of postcards, now is the right time to show them off. There are so many creative ways to do this. Check these ideas and get your inspiration!

DIY Accent Wall with Postcards

Do you have an empty and dull wall in your home? We all have at least one. So lets bring that wall to life with some unique postcards. Turning that awkward wall into your postcard display is the best idea after all. You will get to appreciate your lovely collectibles, and everyone else will do too. There are many creative ways to do it. In addition, you can check the best ones. And we have some really helpful tips too.

Hanging Postcards

This simple and minimalist design is perfect for any home style. You should hang three strings, and you are free to attach your postcards to them. Odd numbers bring that visual balance, so that’s why three is a perfect match. Alternatively, you can stick with five if you want a really bold and colorful look. Click on the image below to find the cable display string we recommend.

Vertical Line Postcards

Do you want to bring some visual interest into a room? Try aligning your postcards in a vertical line. This example will show you how to do it. The amazing wall decor is perfect even for small and cramped homes. It won’t take any of your precious space, and it won’t make it visually heavy. On the other hand, the vertical line will give off the impression that your ceiling is actually higher. Click on the image below to find the mounting tape we recommend.

Awkward Corners

Do you have a lonely and empty corner somewhere in your home? A corner gallery is a perfect solution for your kitchen, entryway, or any other awkward corner that needs to be updated. You can choose the shape that you want. These two examples will really amaze you. The heart shape is perfect for a small corner in your bedroom. Click on the image below to find the mounting tape we recommend.

Anchor the Space

Does that long console table look empty? You need to anchor the vertical space and bring some visual interest. This can be the perfect idea for a statement wall in your living room. From supplies, you will need a good thick thread and some nails. This is a very easy DIY project that even beginners can do by themselves. Click on the image below to find the hanging wall display we recommend.

Creative Use

Do you think that the support posts of the building structure only take inches of your precious space? You don’t have to think of them this way. With a little update, they can become the showcase of your postcard collection. Click on the image below to find the mounting tape we recommend.

DIY Framed Postcards

If you have some rare collectibles, then you certainly keep your collection well protected. But, this doesn’t have to stop you from showing it off. If you would like to protect your postcards from damage, you can always frame them. This is a new approach to the decoration process. And it will help you bring a dose of freshness and personality to your home. Creating your own wall decor isn’t so difficult. You will need to pick some pretty frames that correspond to your current home style. The best thing is that you can experiment and create your own wall gallery. Everyone can admire your lovely postcards, and you will be so happy to have your precious collection in sight.

Minimalist Frames

If you would like to make each postcard stand out, this is the perfect solution. Take a larger frame and add an empty white canvas. You can place the postcard in the middle. The white canvas will make it stand out more since postcards are small. Click on the image below to find the frame we recommend.

Travel Memories

Do you have lots of postcards from your favorite country or continent? You will definitely fall in love with this DIY idea. Create a mosaic in the shape of your favorite country using the postcards that you got on your trip there. You will need a large frame, a printed sheet of the country shape, and your postcards. Cut them with scissors so they will perfectly fit the shape. Passionate travelers will get their hands on this DIY project now! Click on the image below to find the frame we recommend.

Rustic Frame

If you love all things vintage, then this project will be your way to go. You can get a rustic frame from the thrift shop and paint it in a pastel color. Then, hang your postcards with a thread. It looks so simple, charming, and vintage. Click on the image below to find the rustic frame we recommend.

Keep the memories

Maybe a certain postcard is special because you got it from a special person. Or, it has a lovely message that you want to appreciate for years to come. Don’t forget that you can frame the message itself too. It will put a smile on your face, anytime you look at it.

Simple Gallery Wall

If you would love to add details to a certain room, hang small frames with postcards. You can buy some of those cheap frames, as you will need many of them. The deep wooden tone of the frame will bring warmth to the whole gallery wall. And you can play and change the postcards to get a whole new look. Click on the image below to find the rustic frame we recommend.

Group your Postcards

If you think your space needs large wall decor, then group all of your postcards in a single frame. This goes for large walls or even homes with a high ceiling. For a cohesive look, make sure that all the postcards come within the same color scheme. This means that the same few colors should prevail in each postcard from the displayed collection. Click on the image below to find the frame we recommend.

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