DIY Vintage Home Decor

Stir up some nostalgia with vintage home decor. You can find a cornucopia of vintage items in flea markets and even in your home. Vintage decor will cost you far less than any other type of DIY project. So, here are 14 DIY vintage home decor ideas you can try out.

A Shabby Chic Wind Chime


Want a vintage touch to your wind chime. Then take a look at this idea. Take a medium sized embroidery hoop and wrap it all around with jute colored yarn. You can also use jute twine. Secure the free end of the yarn with a knot on the screw of the hoop. Then fasten pieces of yarn to vintage keys. Fasten them to the yarn wrapped hoop at equal intervals. Also add pearl garlands and yarn braids. You can try adding burlap ribbons and lace trim to make it even more shabby chic.

Here is another way to make a vintage key wind chime

A Recycled Vintage Ladder Shelf


This one is a quick and easy DIY vintage home decor project. Choose a vintage ladder of a size you would like your shelf to be. Make sure its sides are thick enough so that you can put trinkets or picture frames over the ladder. At this point it depends upon your choice if you want to paint it or not. Though for true vintage vibes, you can leave the paint chipped for a distressed look. Use wall brackets and screws to mount it on the wall.

DIY Vintage Drawer Shelves


If you have some drawers specifically the ones with vintage metallic pulls then don’t get rid of the handles. Embrace the fact that you have them and include them in your project of making shelves out of drawers. To make the drawers perfectly vintage, you can paint them with a solid pastel color. Then hand paint floral patterns over it. Alternatively, you can decoupage them with vintage floral wallpaper or fabric. Drawer shelves can fit into any space in your home where there is a need for a storage boost.

Here is a tutorial to turn drawers into shelves

A Vintage Bed Frame Towel Bar


This one is also super simple. Vintage bed frames usually have headboards that can become a shelf for the wall. And, if you fix a wooden dowel with screws under the shelf, it can become a towel bar with storage for your bathroom. Here again, you can leave the paint distressed for vintage vibes. Don’t forget to paint the dowel though.

DIY Vintage Teacup Candles


Who doesn’t get excited looking at vintage teacups and candles? So, double your excitement by merging the two. To make these first you have to fix a candle wick in a vintage teacup with some molten wax. Support the free end of the candle wick by wrapping it around a wooden skewer. Then melt plant based wax in a double boiler and add candle dye to it. You can also add two to three drops of any essential oil. Then pour this molten wax in the already prepared teacup. Let the wax set completely before moving the teacup.

Know more about soy teacup candles in this video

A Vintage Wire Basket Window Box


To make this part of your vintage home decor, first you need to measure the width of the basket. Then cut a piece of scrap wood to fit in as a shelf. Support this shelf by adding nails at both the sides of the wood board. Pass rope from the top part of the basket, and make a loop with a knot. Hang this basket on the window with a nail. Put mini planters inside the basket. If you choose planters such as brass vintage sugar pots, tea tins, and small crates that will be an icing on the cake.

Vintage Milk Can Outdoor Side Tables


Whats more vintage than milk cans from past times. Take advantage of this idea by finding a two nice milk cans. Then paint the milk cans with spray paint. You can choose any color that you like. You can also paint a monogram on the milk cans. Then apply varnish to two tabletops that suit the size of the neck of the cans. Fasten the tabletops to the cans with brackets.

Here are some more ways to introduce vintage style to your home with old milk cans

Vintage Hankie Curtains


Give your space more of vintage grandma feeling by adding some some old time looking handkerchiefs. This idea is suitable for a small window and will look good in a bathroom or a mudroom. You just have to sew together handkerchiefs into a panel of patchwork. For a mudroom or a kitchen, you can be a little more creative, and add a border of burlap fabric.

Here are some more ways to decorate with vintage linen

A Vintage Suitcase End Table


The method to create this masterpiece is very simple. You only need a wood tray table and a vintage suitcase. To add visual appeal to this side table, paint the wood tray table in the same color as the suitcase. Then you can perch the suitcase on the table, and put it at the bedside. If you want you can use some heavy adhesive to stick the suitcase to the table. But if you have to tuck it in a corner, then it will do just fine without the adhesive too.

Here is a tutorial to a vintage suitcase table

A Vintage Sewing Machine Stand Table


A reclaimed sewing machine stand and some reclaimed wood can become a wonderful console table for your living room or the hallway. You can easily find a vintage sewing machine stand in flea markets. Maybe your grandma still has one that she no more needs.

Here is a version of a sewing machine table with a wood and glass top

Vintage French Tin Cans


This is a interesting DIY hack for making vintage decorations from scratch. First, you have paint tin cans in black color. Once the black paint dries apply a coat of white paint. Use sandpaper to give a faux distressed paint look to the cans. Next comes the fun part. Print and cut French labels according to the size of the cans. Use mod podge glue and a paintbrush to decoupage the labels on the tin cans.

Vintage Tea Tin Succulent Planters


Succulents are easy plants to maintain and giving their home a vintage look will go far with your home decor. Even if you have a brown thumb, there is a little chance of succulents dying away. You can use vintage tea tins filled with dirt for planting your succulents. Since they don’t need too much water, you don’t need to drill holes for water seepage. A little water goes a long way for succulents.

A Vintage Table Clock Picture Frame


How about having a wonderful picture of your kids or family in a clock? Remove the arms of a vintage table clock. Measure the diameter of the clock. And then print and cut a photo according to the size of the clock.

DIY Shabby Chic Glass Bottles


This project won’t take you more than 10 minutes. It will use the smallest touches of decor to make your room look like a well thought out vintage decorated and warm place. Take any glass bottle available. For a vintage feel you can choose such a bottle that has a cork. Cut and wrap burlap around the bottle followed by a bow of lace trim and voila!

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