How to DIY Home Decor Like a Pro

Hello, home decor enthusiasts! Do you want to learn how to DIY home decor like a real professional? We have some excellent ideas and tips to share with you. Once you check them all, you will get so many ideas and inspirations. After that, you will want to start your DIY project as soon as possible. Home decor can be pretty expensive at stores. When you are decorating on a budget, this is clearly not the option. Also, sometimes you won’t be able to find exactly the same decor items as you want. DIYing is always a great option, so we invite you to check these wonderful ideas and tips!

DIY Decorative Pears

If you are looking for a tall decorative object that will make a statement, this is the perfect idea for you. Did you know that you can turn old light bulbs into beautiful decorative pears? This is an extremely easy DIY project that you can do. Even beginners can make them perfectly. This tutorial shows you that it is very easy. Wrap them with twine rope and you are all ready. For a stunning look, place them in a high apothecary jar.

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

Apothecary Glass Jar


Glue Gun

DIY Flower Centerpiece

Do you want to bring a dose of freshness to your home? Go for this cheap and basically effortless centerpiece. Cover the inside of a large vase with sliced grapefruit. The pink color will add an energetic vibe to your DIY decoration.

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

Cylinder Vase

Faux Flowers (optional)

DIY Floral Soap Dispensers

Do you think that your bathroom looks sterile and boring? Time to bring some freshness and good vibes. One easy way to do this is with this simple DIY project. Make sure you buy transparent hand soap so it will work perfectly. Start with an empty and clean dispenser bottle. Add some decorative glass stones on the bottom. Then, add one beautiful artificial flower. Fill the bottle with soap and you are all done. This is very easy and won’t cost you anything, and the end result will amaze you for sure.

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

Clear hand soap

Glass pebbles

Artificial flower

Easy DIY Tree

If you love nature-inspired decor, then this will be the perfect project for you. We really love how it fits this simple bedroom, so feel free to copy it. All you need are the following: concrete and a dry tree branches. Find a bucket in the proper size that will fit in your planned spot. Fill it with concrete and stick the branch in. You will need additional support for the branch so that it stays in place until the concrete is all dry. And there you have it, a practically free and effortless tree for your nature-inspired decor.

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

Concrete Mix

Plastic bucket with angled edges

DIY Decorative Basket of Throws

Do you need some extra storage for throw pillows and blankets? A decorative basket will do the trick. Since the ones found in stores are pretty expensive, it is time to make your own. This idea will inspire you to get your hands on the project immediately. You can easily turn one of those ugly and cheap plastic laundry baskets into a stylish one. All you need to do is wrap it with twine rope. Choose the colors that will suit your home’s color scheme.

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

Twine Rope

Laundry basket

DIY Golden Striped Elegant Vase

If your home is modern and elegant, then this is the project for you. If you find the old glass vase looking boring, don’t hesitate to give it a quick touch up. The easiest way to do this is to use a paint spray. DIYers love it because it is cheap and very easy to use. Add two layers of wide tape. Make sure that they have distance between them. This way, you will have three wide strips of paint when you finish. Spray with gold spray paint and make sure that the glass is covered. Gold paint looks very elegant and will give a luxurious touch even to the cheapest decor. This trick is often used by bloggers to give cheap items a makeover and make them look more expensive. Once it is dry, remove the tape. You will have clean and perfect edges.

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

Cylinder vase

Gold Spray Paint

DIY Lantern

If you look at all those pretty blogger’s homes, you will notice that they have something in common: beautiful large lanterns. This element will add coziness to any space. And yes, these can be so expensive when you look at the price tag in stores. Instead, make your own. This project includes cheap photo frames as the main supply. Buy 5 frames of the same type and size. Use a hot glue gun to stick them together and you are all done. Use 4 frames for the base, and make the top part out of the fifth one.

The size will depend on the size of the frames that you picked. Choose a larger frame and make a stunning lantern for your front porch or yard.

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase


DIY Illuminated Jars

Do you have some old mason jars that you never use? Clean them as soon as possible, as you can make pretty decorations with them. Get some of those inexpensive battery-operated LED lights. Add one string into each of your jars. Now you have your own DIY illuminated jars that cost next to nothing. Place them around your home if you want a soft and romantic atmosphere. Or, add a few in the yard for the cozy vibes.

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

Mason Jar

LED lights

DIY Small Side Table

If your living room is missing a side table, this is the project that you will love. We are amazed, as it shows you how to make a stunning DIY table from those unattractive wire baskets. A little paint here and there will add freshness to it.

Wire basket

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

DIY Seashell Ring Trays

Do you hate it when you lose your favorite ring around your home? Then you certainly need a ring tray. This project will show you how to DIY one. You can use a shell that you bough not found at the beach. Just make sure that it is wide and shallow. Clean it well before you start. Next, paint it with gold paint. Again, gold paint will make your trays look so elegant and sophisticated. No one will ever guess that you made them all by yourself.

DIY Storage Jars for the Bathroom

Do you want to get rid of the clutter in our bathroom? Storage jars would be a nice addition to your countertops. Use them to store small toiletries or cotton pads. How to make the best looking ones? All you need are clean jars, gold spray paint, glue, and plastic toy animals.

First, you need to stick the toy animals to the lid of the jar. See the image below to get an idea of the size of the toys that you need. They will become the lid holders. When it is all dry, it is time to paint. Use spray paint to cover them nicely. 

Here are some of the items used that you can click on and purchase

Gold Spray Paint

Storage Glass Jar

After seeing these wonderful ideas, I am sure that you got your inspiration. The best thing is that they are pretty simple and don’t require any special supplies that are hard to find. You can get them at any craft store. It is time to get your next DIY project started!

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