Popular Skull Home Decor That You Will Really Love To Get

Are you into skull decor and want to get some unique pieces for your home? We have some nice suggestions to share with you. Decorating with skulls isn’t reserved only for Halloween. Home decor lovers find this a great way to add eccentric style and eclectic vibes to their homes. Whether you prefer a modern or elegant home style, be sure that you can fit the skull decor with ease. It is all about using different finishes and experimenting with textures.

You won’t have to scroll hundreds of pages to find out the perfect decorations for your home. We already found the best picks, now it is up to you to check them out. Skull home decor can fit in many home styles easily. Don’t miss the top decorations and find the ones that will suit your preferred style!

Skull Toilet Brush

If you were looking for a decorative toilet brush, this one is our top choice. You can make the object both decorative and functional at the same time. It is quite unique and unexpected, so make sure that you get one for your bathroom. This small detail will change the whole decor game and bring a dose of edge to your decor.

Skull Planter

Here is one great pick for all the plant lovers out there. This planter can be classified as edgy and bold, but kind of elegant at the same time. Place your plant pots inside and decorate your home and garden. It fits any decor from spooky, to modern.

Makeup Brush Holder

Bold ladies will love to have a makeup brush holder like this one. It is eccentric, edgy, and has lots of charming floral details. The lovely texture comes with a matte black color, perfect for your style. It is the ultimate addition to a vanity or even your dresser top.

Salt and Pepper Shaker

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Salt and Pepper Shaker

If you want to bring the edgy vibe to the kitchen too, don’t miss the salt and pepper shaker. The design is so unique and creative it goes with any decor that needs a little pop of skull decor. It is one of the really unique and unexpected decorations that you can place in the kitchen.

Skull and Raven Bookends

Do you have a tasteful and well-styled bookcase? To add the eclectic vibes, you will need bookends like these. Professionals really love to style the bookcase with different decorations that match the room style, instead of just stacking the books there. And a pair of bookends with a bold and unique design is your must-have.

Crystal Skull Ornament

This crystal skull will bring mysticism and magic to your decor. It is a lovely ornament that comes in various colors. There are lots of precious stones to choose from, so you can find the color that will fit your home decor. From rose quartz to stunning opal and red jasper, you have many to choose from. Display it on the floating shelves for an attention-grabbing effect.

Gold Skull Collectible

This gold skull will fit the modern, edgy, eccentric, and colorful eclectic style. It is an eye-catchy decor that will bring the decor to a higher level. The gold finish gives off the luxurious vibes and brings an expensive look. Elevate it with the help of a stack of books. This trick is commonly used by professional decorators, so keep it in mind.

Black Skull Ashtray

If you can’t stand ugly ashtrays, this is the perfect solution. This dark Gothic looking decoration hides the ashtray well. Simply opening the skull lid and the ashtray is exposed. Keep in mind that decorating with skulls isn’t only a thing for Halloween. You can do it all year round.

Skull Print Blanket

This bold skull print blanket features a really tasteful design. The minimalist black and white color scheme can fit your modern eccentric bedroom. The print looks so powerful it will definitely make a statement in any decor.

Rose Skull Collectible

This rose skull has a softer feel compared to other designs. It brings a dose of texture without overwhelming the design. Also, it is less bold and eccentric so it can fit in different styles. A top choice for anyone looking to decorate with skulls.

Black Skull Candlesticks ( set of 2 )

A pair of black matte candlesticks is basic when we talk about home decor. These ones are fortified with the skull design, bringing more texture to the decor. You can use them to balance out your decorative vignette. For example, you can decorate both ends of the mantel with the pieces ending up with a symmetrical and harmonious look. This is a must when you decorate long surfaces such as a console table, the mantel, or a floating shelf.

Black Skull Queen

Here is another impressive decorative piece that ladies will love. The powerful skull ornament has a beautiful crown with stones. The black matte finish is what makes it elegant and edgy. You can combine it with other skull decorations that are smaller in size. And it is the perfect addition to a vanity or nightstand.

Skull Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are quite popular, giving a relaxing and tranquil feel to any space. If you are tired of the same old design, you should try a unique and bold one. This salt skull lamp will surprise you with its calm but spooky vibes.

Animal Skull Wall Decor

Add to your skull decor at home by using animal skulls. They are often used for wall decor. You can see them in ranch style or even desert-style homes. And they can help you create an accent wall in the living room, or anchor the fireplace for a great skull decorated home.

Skull Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are another great way to decorate your home, even the small rooms. This unique design brings a vintage look and retro vibes to the space. The glass skulls bring texture, while the wires are black matte. The simple color scheme will allow you to experiment and implement these cool light fixtures in any style.

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