Primitive Home Decor Picks That You Shouldn’t Miss

Do you love the warmth of the primitive home decor? The dark earthy colors and authentic feel of the past brings a special vibe in your home. It is all about adding handmade objects that have a rough look. As a decor lover, you must be on the look out for some authentic and charming decorations. You don’t need to spend your time searching for the home decor that will fit your style. We have a list of carefully picked primitive home decor items for you. Make sure that you go through them all and find your personal favorites!

Mini Decorative lantern

Lanterns are a great decor item for any style. The worn out and rough finish of this design makes it the perfect fit for your primitive decor. You can decorate the entryway, porch, or any other corner that lacks that home vibe.

Decorative Primitive Rag Balls

These primitive rag balls will bring fun to your home decor and are a perfect choice. With the neutral muted colors, they will perfectly fit the color scheme of your primitive home decor. You can fill a bowl or bucket with them, and decorate any empty surface in your home. They come in tan, navy blue, and deep burgundy color.

Primitive Decorative Bathroom Curtain

Don’t forget that you should decorate your bathroom too. We know that bathrooms are sterile and boring, so break out the all-white look with a pop of color. Bring a dose of warm colors with a bathroom curtain that comes with a primitive design. It will bring some earthy charm and connect the color scheme to the rest of your home.

No Flame Candles

Primitive decor is all about the rough finish, handmade items, and folk art. To complete your decor collection, you will need this set of no flame candles. You can decorate the coffee table, or even create a beautiful table centerpiece using a wooden tray. The LED flames look so realistic and flicker like a real flame. The wax candles look authentic and fit any primitive decor style. Once you light them, you will feel the warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. And the best thing is that you won’t have to worry about any fire danger.

Nesting Boxes

This set of three boxes will bring charm to any dull corner in your home. You will really love the worn finish that is meant to add a dose of texture and lift up the decor. They come in lovely muted colors that will fit your home. They vary in size in order to create dimension in the space.

White Metal Bread Box

It is time to de clutter the kitchen countertops! You can start by getting rid of those plastic bread boxes. To bring the primitive vibes in the kitchen, you will need one of these white bread boxes. This lovely box is here for both functionality and aesthetics.

Four Piece Set of Decorative Houses

These decorative houses will bring a dose of personality to the space as well as a touch of Americana. Display them on the mantel, as an eye-catchy decoration that will make a statement.

Set of Three Decorative Stars on Pedestals

According to professionals, the varying height of objects can do wonders for your home decor. This set will help you implement this trick. These metal starts on a pedestal are simple but will make a statement. As they are tall, you can use them to add height to your console table vignette.

Green Plaid Throw Blanket

If you think there might be something missing in your home decor, try adding some soft warmth. The easiest way to do this is to place throw blankets on strategical spots. Add a folded blanket on the sofa in the living room. Or, keep it aside in a decorative basket. Add one in your reading nook as well. Don’t forget that patterns can lift up the decor. This green plaid blanket will bring a dose of visual interest in any room.

Decorative Swans

Decorative Swans

It is all in the small details that bring charm in the home. These decorative swans are a perfect pick for any surface that you want to decorate. They come with a light cream color that will fit perfectly.  You can freshen up the decor if you think that you have too many dark colors. And they come in a set of two for the complete effect.

Decorative Wooden Box

When we talk about primitive home decor, it is very important that you implement handmade decorations. If you are not that skilled in DIYing, check out this lovely box. It is so authentic and charming and will look great in your living room.

Chicken Wire Basket

Whether you need some extra storage or a large decor item to full out the gaps, grab one of these baskets. It is made of chicken wire for the authentic look. You can keep your throw pillows and blankets, or fill it with pumpkins for fall decor.

Whitewashed Tissue Box

Whitewashed Tissue Box

If you want to de clutter the bathroom, you have to get rid of the original product package. This wooden tissue box is here to make sure that the original pack doesn’t mismatch your bathroom decor. The rustic barn wood finish will bring a nice dose of texture and warmth.

Antique Lantern

This is a great combination of modern and primitive decor that you really want in your home. The design is authentic and original, while the lantern is actually lighted by modern led lights. It allows you to control the light level, depending on the atmosphere that you want to bring. The best thing is that you can take it outdoors too. This is an excellent way to bring dimming light to your yard and enjoy the outdoor entertaining. When you are not using it, it can be part of your home decor.

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