Top 10 homecraft to make for your home

Feeling creative and want to start a new DIY project? The top 10 home crafts will give you the inspiration that you need. All you need to do is go through them and decide which one is the best for you. So, make sure that you don’t miss any of them!

DIY candy pedestals

These lovely bowls filled with candy look beautiful, whether you like to display them in the living room or kitchen, you should have a few. And we know that they might be too expensive when you check the price tag at stores, but don’t worry about this, as you can DIY for cheap. You will need clean mason jars and glass candle holders. Use a special glue to stick the candle holder on the bottom of the jar. Before you do this, you can paint the candle holder with spray paint to give it a different effect.


DIY Chalkboards jars

The process of decluttering kitchen countertops starts with a nice set of labels for your coffee and spices containers. If you want to DIY them, this is where you start. Get some suitable clean jars, and cover them with white paint. Use chalkboard stickers so that you can write what’s inside. 


DIY decorative terrarium

Do you love those decorative spring terrariums? Now you can make your own using cheap and easy to get supplies. You will need inexpensive photo frames that you can find at any store. You can use them as they are, or even paint them if you think that they will look better that way. The frames already have glass panels, which makes the process easier. Remove the back part of the photo frame and assemble your terrarium. You can decorate the inside with anything you want. You can place LED candles and artificial flowers, or you can add some battery operated string lights. The possibilities are endless here!


DIY minimalist toothbrush holder

If your home has natural and minimalist vibes, this is the perfect project for you. You will need small and inexpensive vases for the holder. The idea is to attach a vase to a piece of wood. Use scrap leather ribbon to hold the vase, and attach it with nail heads. We love the texture mix of this nice decorative piece. It has glass, leather, and wood, the natural materials that are always used to bring a dose of texture. This is perfect if you think that your bathroom is too plain and dull.


DIY copper photo display

Bringing a dose of personality in your home is always welcomed. After all, it is all about the personal things that make the house feel more like home. An effortless and simple way to do this is to display your family photos on the wall, where you can always appreciate them and relive your memories. 

You will be amazed by this simple project. The photo display is made of copper wire and clips. It sounds very simple to make!

You will need to get jewelry copper wire. If you can’t find copper binder clips, you can always cover them with a fresh coat of spray paint. Attach three vertical strips of wire on the wall and hang your beautiful photos with the clips.


Galaxy glass plates

Do you want to display amusing sets of plates? The galaxy pattern is the best choice. And you can do it yourself as well. Get a set o cheap glass plates, or use some old ones that you can find at home. The easiest way to paint them is to use alcohol ink. Choose interesting colors that range from pink, to purple and blue. This paint is safe for use and will remain on the plates; you won’t have to worry of it washing away after a couple of washes. You can go forward and complete your unique dining set to amaze your guests and family members!


DIY decorative orb

We know that you see these decorative orbs everywhere. Professionals often use them in home decor. This way, they bring an unexpected shape to lift your decor game. You can DIY them using simple supplies; An embroidery hoop. You will need a total of 4 hoops to complete this simple project. Check this example, and you will see that it is pretty simple.


DIY wooden jewelry holder

Do you need a jewelry holder to keep all your pieces organized neatly? This one will surprise you with style and functionality. And it isn’t one of the boxes where you can keep the jewelry hidden. You can show off your precious pieces now. 

This is one of the more challenging home craft projects that you can do. It is all about assembling it by yourself from plywood. You can also give it a fresh coat of paint if you like to. Insert hooks so that you can hang the jewelry. 


DIY rope basket

Woven baskets will always add charm to space with their texture. If you find them too expensive, now is the right time to make your own. The process is also simple and straightforward. The trick is to cover one of those inexpensive laundry baskets with jute rope. Line the basket with muslin fabric on the inside and outside using a hot glue gun. Then wrap the jute rope around, securing it with hot glue. 

Once your basket is all done, you can store your throw pillows and blankets in the living room easily. This will make you want to make one more for the bedroom as well.


DIY knot pillows

Knot pillows are quite popular among DIYers. The best thing is that you can play with the pattern and make different ones. All you need is a fabric that you love and can stretch a bit. Then sewing one end making a long tube. Stuff the tube with foam or polyester foam. Start twisting the tube into various knots until the end is short enough to sew to the other end. You can decorate the living room couch and your bedroom. You can even do it for the ultimate kids’ room pillow. 


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