Top Vintage Home Decor Items

Are you a vintage home decor lover, looking for some unique pieces? We picked the best ones for you. Now you won’t need to spend your time finding that perfect vintage piece to complete your home. Are you ready? Let’s get through them and see which is your favorite!

Whitewashed Vintage Metal Bucket

Do you love plants, but hate those ugly plastic pots that stand out a bit too much? This is the perfect option that will suit your vintage decor. It is a vintage metal bucket, with a lovely distressed finish. You can place your pots inside, or fill it with dry branches.

Wooden Jewelry Box

If you keep losing your jewelry, a small jewelry box is a great addition to your home decor. The design is cute and can fit perfectly on your nightstand or vanity. On the other hand, it is a really nice detail to complete those stylish vignettes.

Vintage Style String Lights

Vintage Style String Lights

String lights are very practical when it comes to home decor. Everyone loves them, as they can bring magic in your home and outdoor space. You will especially love these string lights that have a vintage vibe. You can decorate the wall in your bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere. Or, you can hang some in the backyard for a cozy feeling. No matter what your choice is, this is a really affordable way to bring dimming lights and coziness to any space.

If you love all things vintage, then it is very likely that you have a princess-like vanity in your bedroom. And you shouldn’t miss this small mirror if you want to add additional charm. It has a really nice cream color and adorable vintage details. But, don’t forget that it is here for the functionality as well. It will make the process of applying makeup much easier for you.

Distressed Cream Vases

Professionals would advise you to carefully decorate the surfaces in your home. To make the decor more tasteful, use groups of odd numbered objects. Three or five works the best for any home. If you don’t want to lose your time, then you can go for this lovely set. It consists of three vases with different heights. This is a great trick that brings dimension to the home decor. The lovely distressed finish will bring a dose of texture in the space.

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Don’t forget to bring the vintage vibes in your kitchen as well. Start by replacing your current salt and pepper shakers with this amazing set. It is a really nice decorative element for the kitchen countertops. The caddy is so convenient for moving around. And you will fall in love with the galvanized metal texture as well.

Chicken wirse storage baskets

Do you struggle to hide the clutter in your home? You can never have enough storage baskets. A set of three baskets is the thing that you really need in your home. You can sort out the towels and toiletries in the bathroom. Or, you can use them to store throw pillows and blankets. The lovely design features chicken wire to add authenticity to the decor. The neutral beige color will perfectly fit in your vintage color scheme as well.

Set of Three Decorative Suitcases

You can’t be a vintage decor enthusiast if you don’t own some rustic decorative suitcases. These look so authentic and can work well to bring any dull corner of your home back to life. You can pick a suitable color that goes well with your current color scheme. The best thing is that they are so unique and charming, and will bring your personality in the space.

Vintage Wall Art

Do you have an empty or dull walls in your home? You really need one of these vintage wall art pieces. The oval frame has nice rustic details that bring additional charm. You can get a few different pieces and make your own vintage gallery wall. Feel free to get creative and add one in the entryway. Or, you can even add one in the bathroom. Either way, it will bring a dose of charm and coziness to any room.

Vintage Candle Holders

Whether you are looking for a tall item to decorate the mantel or the console table these candle are must for anyone looking for vintage home decor. This design is so unique, as it has a stunning rustic birdcage. The neutral color will make this piece perfect for any corner of your home. The charming distressed finish will lift up the decor game and bring it to a whole new level.

Metal Antique Phone

Do you dream of owning an antique piece that will impress everyone with its uniqueness? This phone is the perfect decor piece that you were looking for. It features of an old early 19th century phone and distressed look give it a added dose of charm. This is definitely a thing that you would want to display in your living room. It will really make a statement!

Whitewashed Display Shelf

Do you have lots of lovely decorative objects? Don’t wait to show them off. This display shelf will help you bring your favorite items in your sight. It comes with small compartments, where you can organize your lovely collectibles. You can get creative and style it as you like.

Antique metal vehicle

Here is another unique and charming decor piece that you must add to your collection. Antique car models will always add charm to the home. And this specific collectible is a must-have for everyone that is crazy for not only vintage decor but car enthusiasts. Use it to decorate your antique bookcase. Or, make it a statement piece for the shelf decor. You are free to play and come up with an option that best fits your current decor.

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