Where to buy cheap diy home decor.

Many times building decor from scratch is a struggle as well as expensive, but if you can find something already made but needs a touch up why not buy it.

There are plenty of places you can splurge on and buy expensive items, but here are 6 places you can get an amazing deal on decor that you can put your own touch on.

5 spots to get amazing deals on decor

Craigslist – This is a site I have used for years and it always pays off. If you have never been on the site its essentially a site to post and advertise something within their categories, including items for sale, job posts, apartments for rent and so forth. You will need to search in your city and then make your way to the for sale category. First and for most try the free section. Most people just want to get rid of items they just dont have the time to move out. So it’s really a big win for you. After browsing this section hop onto antiques, which we recommend because you could get lucky and find a priceless piece for pennies on the dollar. You will want to browse the following categories as well for great deals on decor including, arts and crafts, furniture, garage sales, and finally household materials. Click on this link to go straight to it: craigslist.com

Thrift stores – These stores are conveniently located and have plenty to offer, especially because different items are being added every day. Goodwill is a national organization that sells used donated items. You can find them in just about every state and offer items that with a good eye can be pieces that set off your home decor. Many items suffer from a bit of wear or missing pieces but that just means a bargain for you. Always make sure too look around the store as items are sometimes misplaced and find their way to other sections of the store. Salvation Army is another national organization and essentially is just like Goodwill. Make sure to take the time and look at the furniture section and go over each item carefully to find a bargain. Local Thrift stores are also great to stop by. They are typically smaller stores but still have items that can be unique to the area. Always make sure to haggle on prices because its does not hurt and you can end up with a great deal. If you don’t know all your local thrift stores there’s a handy website that lists them by city or zip code. Click on this link to go straight to it: thethriftshopper.com

Habitat for Humanity Reuse stores are another national chain of stores with the goal to recycle items most from salvaged homes as well as donations of all types of scraps. This includes building materials as well as art supplies, furniture, decor and scrap items to custom design to your hearts desire. There is a trove of decor items waiting for the keen shopper to find. If you don’t know where to find your local Reuse store here’s a link to their website: www.habitat.org/restores

Garage Sales – One of the best sources for all kinds of DIY decor. Make sure you look out for estate sales because even though they might be a bit more expensive they provided a wider array of items to choose from. Also make your way to these sales as early in the morning as you can to pick from the best items. Make sure you bring cash and haggle all you can. A very useful website to find garage sales is www.yardsalesearch.com

Freecycle.org is a website devoted to listing used items to reuse. People post their items on the website and state their intentions to give away the item or make a trade for another item some one else may not need. It’s their way of keeping good stuff out of landfills and into your home. Just make sure the items have pictures so you know right away what your getting. Especially if the item is large and will be a bit of a strain to haul back to your home it should be what you want. Click on the link to go directly to their site: www.freecycle.org

10 Online Stores that can save you a drive

If you want a more convenient option and don’t care too much on the cost of items, online stores are perfect for you. Here’s a list of 10 stores that offer used items and ship it fast to your doorstep with one click of the mouse.

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